Xpolymer Dar ‘Qallam’ Reply to Guru Lahori song ‘Thaela’

Xpolymer Dar ‘Qallam’ Reply to Guru Lahori song ‘Thaela’

Here comes the reply to the diss song Guru released for Xpolymer some days ago ‘Thaela’. Xpolymer Dar did some heavy bars in this one by throwing a straight reply to Guru Lahori’s last diss song. Xpolymer even mentioned that ‘Dangal‘ was not a diss song for Guru, he just told the real truth to people which Guru didn’t like. Xpolymer even made a Motion Video with this song which is uploaded on Facebook to watch the video see the attachment below & listen to the High Quality Audio on Soundcloud.

Qallam – Xpolymer DarPosted by Xpolymer DAR on Thursday, August 13, 2015


Do you think Guru Lahori will come back with a reply to ‘Qallam’ ?