Xplosive – Revolutionary Oath


Xplosive, aka Flowrical, calls himself that for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that the guy’s got an explosive flow! It shows through all of his work. Initially, he released his debut mainstream album in Bangladesh with his crew Deshi MCs. This first album, titled ‘Banned‘, got a lot of critical fame, and gained a huge following from fans all over Bangladesh. It was deemed as the first Bangladeshi Gangsta Rap album, and had some hit singles that Bengali Hip Hop heads still bob their heads to.

Now, a few years on, he hasn’t stopped working. After moving his base to Australia in recent years, he released a mixtape called the 7th Dimension, and the music video to My Salute from that album. Since then, he’s been constantly working to get more of his works of art out. He just released yet another single titled ‘Revolutionary Oath’. Check out Xplosive’s latest work of art, and share your thoughts below.

Watch/Listen to Xplosive – Revolutionary Oath

[youtube id=”8eOKm1tFn58″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

This is Real Hip Hop at its best. He expresses himself eloquently throughout the song about all of the corruption and the injustices in the world today. His point about politicians ruining countries for personal benefits hits it home for me, personally. I get tired of seeing so much bad in the world, and it surprises me to see how very little people like to talk about these things. We need rappers like Xplosive to expose the truth and show the people what’s really wrong with the world. If you enjoyed the song as much as I did, do the world a favor and spread it. Hit like, share, comment. You know what to do.