Xplosive Inspires Listeners with “Never Too Late”

Xplosive just released a couple of new tracks. ‘Never Too Late’ was recently released, and depicts the Bangladeshi/Australian artist’s thoughts and feelings. This song is an inspirational one. Right from the start, the hook has an inspirational vibe to it influencing listeners to not “back down”. And, Xplosive’s verses are dope as he expresses his experiences to inspire his listeners. As a listener, you can feel the reality in his voice. I could tell that he pours his heart out on his music, and that’s the essence of real Hip Hop. Only a good artist can connect with his audience in this way with a simple beat, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Check it out, and share your thoughts with us. And, as a bonus, Xplosive also released a freestyle verse on Halloween, scroll down for that one!

Listen to “Never Too Late” By Xplosive

Xplosive’s Halloween Freestyle