Xplosive, Black Zang & Lal Miah’s latest song “Rokto” is a perfect representation of Hip Hop Activism!



“Rokto”, the brain-child of Deshi MCs artist – Xplosive – made the circuits yesterday and made a lot of heads turn. It features Black Zang of Uptown Lokolz & Lal Miah. The song goes deep into the troubles faced by people in Bangladesh currently, and the rappers take it upon themselves to report about Political tyranny and corruption. This song, in my opinion, is a perfect example of how Hip Hop can be used for positive activism. Hip Hop allows artists and poets to express their thoughts and feelings at a level that no other genre can offer. These artists took that privilege and created a song that positively impacts the lives of the listeners and gets the message of ‘truth’ out there.

Rokto – Xplosive, Black Zang & Lal Miah