Xplosive, ABD, Rebel, Black Zang Spit Game in an Eye-Opening Collab


Xplosive just released a dope new international collaboration titled “Dark Matter“. This song defines ‘real hip hop’ and talks about corruption, black money, secret societies, free-masons, and everything in between!  Xplosive, who’s based in Australia, linked up with Rebel of KhanArtists (from New York), ABD and Black Zang (from Bangladesh), to create this eye-opening international collab.

The artists use the power of Hip Hop to express themselves about some real issues engulfing the world. I admire the way they used Hip Hop to talk and rap about something real, especially in a generation when we don’t get enough of ‘Real Hip Hop’. All of the artists went hard on it, with their flows, with their lyrical skills, and with their delivery. I enjoyed how every artist on this track made their mark with their personal brand of rapping. I’m gonna need you to click play below and see what I’m talking about. Talk is cheap, but listening to real hip hop is both free and rewarding!

Listen to “Dark Matter” – Xplosive, ABD, Rebel, Black Zang