Working Class Dreams – Mc Snub

Working Class Dreams – Mc Snub

Here’s another solo from Mc Snub (The Beginning).


Verse 1:
With same old life,i m waiting for something brand new/
i walk out of a restaurant after reading the menu/
i cant afford that shit,eat cheap street food from corner?
,my stomach answers that digestion,i come to home and vomit/
i even run a youtube channel,no one views and comments/
money cant buy you happiness but not having it destroys it/
i want to break records more than i break promises/
life is struggle i can tell,when i look at my father/
Daddy runs a business,yeah he runs a shop/
but no one buys the items often struggling by loss/
i ll be happiest at the time,when daddy say the rent is paid/
my sister wants to study,but he cant finance her MBA/
i m amongst the average working class man/
our everyday struggle blocks our dreams and our dreams are even smaller than our 3 bedroom flat/
i ve neva been perfect for anyone or anything,always feel so talentless/
average salary,average life and average intelligence/
no one amongst is perfect for anything,except for one thing that we’re perfectly average/
well,i really love to rap,and i want to follow my passion/
but no guarantee in future if my songs will be cashing/
i believe in myself,but still all my goals are planned up/
but god must have different plans for me with the talent i ve been granted/
and whoever asks me how is life,i sing to then this anthem.

Chorus/Hook :
*I got these dreams*
Dreams wake me up tha whole night/
coz time is even darker than the circles under my eyes/
*who am i?*
am just a regular one/
we need the light,and we hide in the SHADOW of SUN. (x4)

Verse 2 :
Did education,job and all the working class conventions/
made you gave upon your dreams,exhausted tired and suspended/
or you’re that discouraged soul who gave upon their potential/
too damn early,every heart’s got desires that are prevented/
every street dream which is still unachieved, sacrificed desires,early responsibilities.. Every life in hood went in WELSH/
working hard for shit when promises are neva kept/
Your Bucket List is unattained and you’re just toiling/
desires anachieved due to financial dissapointments/
when i see my father struggle for me,i ll be damned,if i dont make him proud,make some sounds, its a priorance/
but i can neva live a life like him,i m too damn selfish to raise my children,life just passes away with no enjoyment/
i cant live so ordinary,my thoughts are getting violent/
i ll do justice with my dreams and with the victory i ll be loyal with.

Chorus (x4)