You will be amazed at how Mandeep Sethi rocked the crowd with Mos Def!

Mandeep Sethi has always been an old school type of Hip Hop artist. He is an artist I respect because he’s someone who focuses on every aspect of Hip Hop, and even goes on to teach Hip Hop virtues to kids through numerous programs in India.

Recently, he had the opportunity to rock the stage with Mos Def in London. And as soon as the opportunity knocked, he went hard at it, impressing the crowd like none other. We’re glad that his posse took videos during the event for us to enjoy.

With Mos Def’s recent flight restrictions to his home country – US – I’m betting we’ll see a lot of Mos Def tours around the world. In fact, if I was in his shoes, I would not only do a lot more shows, but I would make a lot more albums just to show the anti-Mos Def TWA in the US that he’s still going strong!

Watch the Video – Mandeep Sethi Opens for Mos Def in LONDON