What The FREAK – D-Sean Ft Felmon & The FReAkZ


What The FREAK – D-Sean Ft Felmon & The FReAkZ (2013)

D-Sean ft Felmon performing the Music Video ‘ What the FREAK ‘ (2013)

[youtube id=”t_nOq_yQ804″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Readyto take hip hop back to the streets ? Ready for the hottest new Indian Hip Hop single ? Yeah Checking in on that Indian Flavor,D-Sean ripping the mic bringing you the best Rhyme Theory Alongside Felmon & The FreAkZ !!!..Its time to Put Those hands up in the air & Say ” WHAT THE FREAK ” !!

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Concept- D-Sean
Music – Felmon
Lyrics & Rapper- D-Sean
Hook Vocals- Felmon

Concept – Freakz & D-Sean
DOP & Editing – G-Vijay
Cast – FreaKz, Felmon, D-Sean

Producer – FreakZ Productions
Mixing and Mastering – Felmon

Location Courtesy – Temple Bay Beach ,St.Bedes Arena, The Estate Streets .