Watch Big Deal perform ‘Microphone’ LIVE | The Hum Hip Hop Project Vol 1


Recently, at a Hip Hop show at the Humming Tree, numerous rappers performed and out did themselves at an unforgettable show. And, of course, was there documenting the entire experience. The videos from the event are now being released as part of “The Hum Hip Hop Project Vol 1”, in association with The Humming Tree.

The first video we dropped was Smokey The Ghost LIVE at the Humming Tree. And, today, we unleash the 2nd performance video from the night – by  Big Deal. Big Deal recently shared his career and aspirations with us in a detailed interview with Nupur. Check out the video below, and be sure to read Big Deal’s interview right here.

Watch Big Deal Perform ‘Microphone’ LIVE & The HummingTree presents ‘The Hum Hip Hop Project Vol 1 ‘

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