Watch AO & Shay Record Their Tribute for #FathersDay [Exclusive Video]

Since my last post for DesiHipHop, I have been very busy taking a deep dive into my first project and release for DHH on the West Coast. This month is a special month for many reasons, one being the gift of having a father present in our lives. The relationship between fathers and their children is one of the most important and influential of all human connections. You either want to be just like your father, or the complete opposite of him. Many times dads often wonder if they are doing the “fatherhood thing” right – it is a struggle to express their love, and often times they can regret the things they didn’t say or do. Either way you look at it ​the father/child relationship can stir up a lot of emotions, so when channeled by musicians it is absolutely beautiful.


AO x Shay On The Beat – #FathersDay Special

​Many of you know these two Indian-American artists from previously successful releases…but Shay & AO are much more than a just above average duo that consists of producer & rapper; they are bonded brothers through their art. Venus and Serena. Rahm, Zeke, & Ari are all examples of some super-sibling phenomenon in the press, but they are not the norm. Research has shown that most siblings are very different from one another. Siblings who do well in the same profession are even more rare. ​

Watching AO & Shay work on their latest track, #IOweItTo was a unique experience, while they are both very different in personality, they share a common goal for one another that outweighs any moment of frustration and nowhere is there room for sibling rivalry.

“We are both very stubborn. Sometimes its hard to take criticism from each other but we know it’s always for the best. Hes my brother. That’s my blood” – AO expressed to me about my questions on what was hard about working with his younger brother. In the studio, I watched younger brother Shay express his thoughts and desires for the song created to represent the gratitude and love they have for their father.

Watch AO & Shay Record “I Owe It To…” | Studio Session |#FathersDay June 21st

AO & Shay’s father came to the United States at 17 years old to start a new life. As many who first arrive to the United States, he was truly broke, but made a living for himself working as hard and as much as possible.

I can tell you this track from AO & Shay, along with the music video is definitely an expression of their deepest emotions regarding the support and advice that their father has given them, the track and video represents thoughts and feelings that might be too difficult to say with words alone.

“I’m striving to be half the man i know he want me to be bigger
cuz he did it on his own with no favors
he dont mind he dont mind he dont mind lending out a helping hand
he tryna help his boy turn into a man
with dedication and a strong work ethic
I swear this major move thing be genetic” – AO

I think we can all take the time to reflect on who we “owe it to” with the release of Shay & AO’s track. Each of us have a very special story for how we became who we are today and who has supported our dreams along the way. These two brothers reminded me that siblings are the longest and most important relationships we will have in our lifetime, and how grateful we must be to give thanks to the people who brought us into this world! Be on the lookout for track and music video brought to you exclusively by!