Virat Kohli to rap under the guidance of A.R.Rahman

virat kohli ar rahman futsal anthem

Virat Kohli has sang at diplomatic dinners, we all have seen the videos of him dancing his heart out at Rohit Sharma‘s wedding and many a Royal Challengers alongside Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli prepares to face his next acid test of putting down rhymes under the guidance of A.R.Rahman

The Indian Test captain, will be rapping a small portion of the official anthem of the Premier Futsal League. The anthem is being composed by A. R. Rahman, who had recently joined Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar as a goodwill ambassador for the Rio Olympics.

The anthem is called Naam Hai Futsal. The music video will be released in a couple of weeks and I read somewhere A.R. Rahman mentioning the following , “We’ve been working on the song for a week. Virat’s portion will be a rap… I will make it easier for him.
The lyrics for this song are in English, and we’ve been working on it for a week now – not sure how it’ll turn out yet! The track isn’t all rap though, it’ll have a mixture of other elements as well,” Rahman said.

Kohli, who was the top scorer in the recently concluded IPL, is quite tensed. “Many of my childhood memories have a connection to the tunes of this man. I know how to prepare for cricket, but I have no clue about a recording session,” Kohli said.

During any cricket game, the only song that gets everyone together is Vande Maataram – the version Rahman composed,” said Kohli, whose favourite singer is Arijit Singh. Futsal is a shorter and quicker version of football. The five-a-side matches are usually played indoors. It is very popular in Europe and South America. We are waiting to see how will Virat Kohli sound on the track.