Vibing with the Beat Boxing Champ


Beat boxing is thrilling and a difficult artform. College festivals are the best place to spot talent and with technology so far advanced in today’s times, it’s a powerful tool for talent to the reach the audience.

Prashant Nair aka Vibe is one such amazing talent. A beatboxer from Mumbai, Prashant’s journey started in 2011. He has been a part of many contests including the Youtube fanfest. Inspired by Michael Jackson (who apparently used to beatbox), the final year college student took part on Wilson College’s BMM festival called Polaris this year.

His talent is unquestionable but he thinks it’s the time and effort he put into his art that has gotten him so far. Music is his first love and beatboxing now seems like second nature. It’s inspiring to see Prashant beatbox some drum n bass, dubstep and some heavy beats effortlessly. Catch him in the video below: