Uptown Lokolz Latest Single Promises a Great 2014!



Uptown Lokolz is a crew that made a lot of impact in the Bangladesh Hip Hop industry. Their debut album sold out all over Bangladesh, and that inspired them to continue pushing with the art of Hip Hop – something they truly believe in. Initially, it was a group with 4 members, which was recently trimmed down to just two – Black Zang, Bigg Spade. The two showed us some unique music in 2013, as well as some above the top rap Cyphers. Now, they are back with a bang in 2014. This latest single is bound to make some heads turn. Listen below and comment if it didnt make your head bob until it hurt your neck! I’m serious, it’s that good!

Listen to UPTOWN by Uptown Lokolz

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]