Uptown Lokolz & Blazin Annex – FRESH & SO CLEAN


Uptown Lokolz, and Blazin Annex… These two Bengali crews push it hard when it comes to music. We’ve seen and heard Blazin Annex’s work in 2013, we also saw this New York crew do a collaboration across oceans and they even followed that up with a music video that was a work of collaboration in itself. And, Uptown Lokolz on the other hand, reps Bangladesh to the core. With their lyrical skills, and their constant release of songs and videos, they really stamped their mark in the industry.

Now, these two grouped up and collabed on their latest release. In my opinion, the production is great, with a catchy beat all they needed was good lyrical skills. And they did just that! The verses go hard, the ones in English, the ones in Bengali, all of it. The rappers rode the beat very well, and created a work of art that stands above all. Check it out, now, and hit share. I’m serious, if you don’t share this, you’re probably not the best Hip Hop fan. Period.

Listen to – “Fresh & So Clean” – Uptown Lokolz / Blazin Annex 

Uptown Lokolz is one of the most well known rap crews out of Bangladesh, who grew in prominence after releasing their debut album all across the country in 2009. Currently, they are working on their 2014 album titled “V.I.P.”, out of which they released their first single, “Uptown”, in January.  Uptown was voted by the DHH community as one of the Top 3 songs of the month, and rightly so.