Unknown Mizery Brings Back the Oldschool in New Video | #MizoMondays


Unknown Mizery, aka Mizo, has been droppin’ heat on DesiHipHop.com once every week with his #MizoMondays series, in collaboration with Desi Hip Hop Inc. It’s already been four weeks since this series started, which means there are four singles already – check them all out right here.

Check Out All The Singles In the #MizoMondays Series

In this week’s dispatch of #MizoMondays, Unknown Mizery dropped an old-school gem. Everything in this single speaks and shouts an oldschool flavor that many Hip Hop fans & artists have forgotten these days. The beat is super oldschool; the DJ scratches resemble DJ Premier, DJ Babu, DJ Hahn from the ’90s. Mizo’s verses also bring back memories of oldschool Nas, Big L, and Method Man. To top it off, the music video looks like a blast from the past – recorded with a dope oldschool feel to the entire piece. Check it out below. And share your thoughts with us!

Watch this week’s #MizoMondays – Unknown Mizery – Backstabbers