Two unsung Young heroes of Pakistani Hip Hop (Part 1)


For the past few days, I have been interacting with some of the underground musicians and artists in Pakistan. Surprisingly they are a lot and have a lot to tell. Hip Hop is growing in a way that it has diversified and mixed into our culture as if it belonged to us. I mean the inspiration and influence came from the west but we should not forget that our land gave birth to legends of the music industry who have global following and die-hard fans. They all started with a pen and a paper and some just did it with their voice. See, art is just a beautiful field that even after being so abstract it unites many, probably billions (OH YES!)

Similarly, I was touched by two artists recently. I have mentioned in one of my articles earlier, that you have to strike the right note with people and they unite with you through their souls. Then race, caste, colour, creed and language don’t matter at all. So, recently I had the chance of chatting and bonding with Fahad Yousuf of the Hip Hop trio ‘Rebellious Antagonists’ and Furqan Shaykh (aspiring comedian and owner at Pak Vines). Both the guys have are my Pakistani Brothers with underground global and national followers. Surprisingly both are quite young and have learnt a lot about life and I learnt some real sh!t from these guys even though I am much older but wisdom and knowledge doesn’t knock on your door with respect to age or maturity, it just comes when it has to, simply put.

Rebellious Antagonists. Fahad Yusuf is 2nd from the right

Starting with Fahad Yousuf (Part 1 of this 2-piece article), this guy has some fire. He took a lot of people by storm by talking bold and staying on his ground. I had a one on one convo with the boy and he’s got things to say never heard before. In short, he’s original. And he’s a Gemini. Don’t ever mess with a Gemini (personal experience).

How did you decide to come into the so-called rap scene in Pakistan?

Well I was always fascinated by the rap genre and everything these rappers had to say I could relate to. If I can recall the first rapper I heard was Eminem back in 1998 then I got to knew about 2pac which certainly got my attention but I wanted more than just what I heard on the radio or TV and did some research. I came to know about the underground music scene which really lured me towards writing. I have been writing since 12 years now but it was till late 2012 that I started rapping. Well it just happened instantly I never thought I would do this but I heard the song called conflict management and Adil Omar’s song with Xzibit really made me pumped up I wanted to do it and that’s where I started rap from.

Rebellious Antagonists Recently Got Voted #4 for Song Of the Month


What is your purpose and soul behind bringing out such hard hitting tracks? Is it for the fame or the love of the game?

I would say none as I am not thirsty for fame. Over the years I matured enough to realise that’s not my thing.  For the love of the game of course, I love it but I don’t think I am a rapper, I just love painting pictures with words it’s for the people who come up to me or hit me up on the inbox and tell me how I inspire them. I am really not going towards the fame or the mainstream I think rap and hip hop is more than just music. It’s a way to correspond to your daily life to convey what you go through which I really can’t do in normal life so I express it through the mic.

rAWho’s your biggest inspiration, and by that I mean someone who’s not just a rapper? Someone real.

My biggest inspiration is my Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the 4 Caliphs of Islam and the Sahabas (companions of the Holy Prophet).  Last but not the least, my parents.

In the hip hop scene, I am inspired by Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Vinnie Paz, Lowkey, Mic Righteous, Logic and AOTP. Basically, people who stand their ground. I must add, I am inspired by Mr Baloch the other half of rebellious antagonists. He always got my back.

What’s with all the dissing? What’s your core reason behind it?

I just want them to step there game up. I don’t think I am Kendrick Lamar or something but since these guys proclaim they started rap in Pakistan or the pioneers or as they say they be doing it for years. Then, I think they should do justice to it.


Well said, Mr. Yousuf. This man has my respect for speaking the truth. He’s also known by two other names Stone Fy and Psychedelic Jedi. I think the next name should be related to Sufism, because I personally feel Islam has a lot to do with struggle and so does hip hop and no wonder why many artists in this scene are inspired by Islam and its ideologies.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article that is based on how hip hop goes comic with Furqan Shaykh, the new funny guy on the block!


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