Twins Priyanka and Poonam Shah bring Bharatnatyam & HipHop in the Mix


When Bharatnatyam meets hiphop meets trap meets contemporary dance styles, you get a fresh spin on how diverse and vibrant art can really be. For the twins Poonam and Priyanka Shah, Bharatnatyam Fusion or BFusion was a breakout video. Their mélange of the different cultures their lives are infused with is beautifully captured in the video where the sisters have created a unique style of dance and music styles that mix hip hop with Bharatnatyam and contemporary styles of dancing.

priyanka and poonam shah bharatnatyam hip hop mix
Priyanka & Poonam Shah – Bharatnatyam & Hip Hop Fusion

Shot in their kitchen, the video is an extension of art the sisters love creating. Although they have been born and raised in the US, and the girls have been taking hip-hop dance lessons in LA, their lifestyle which is a bit of both is what the video is about. Their Indian roots shining through their love for things American. The combination makes it interesting, so much so that Chris Brown re-tweeted their video. Not only have the sisters been garnering an enthusiastic fan base and support from people all over the world, Priyanka and Poonam are involved in various projects with a recent shoot in Hyderabad. Both Priyanka and Poonam hail from business families, while Priyanka has a double major in accounting and management, Poonam has a major in finance from the University of Chicago.

The sisters are not professional dancers and have been experimenting with different dance styles while slowly building their audience. They apparently spent a couple of hours on this video choreographing and a couple of hours practicing and shooting it. The response was so incredible that they now have plans to do more projects in India.