Towfique aka ‘CK Toff’ Pays Respect to Bangladesh’s Victory Day


Towfique, aka CK Toff, has always been a rapper who is known to be outspoken when it comes to national pride, patriotism, politics, and everything in between. He uses the power of Hip Hop to express the truth that he experiences in his life. As he did in his past singles and albums, Towfique represented his unique brand of Hip Hop in this latest song titled “Baarud” (translates to ‘Gun Powder’). He pays homage to Bangladesh’s Victory Day, and raps about the challenges that Bangladeshis still face today. I admired how he always takes the opportunity to express reality through his verses because this is truly the real essence of Hip Hop that many artists have forgotten today. Check out the single below…

Listen to Towfique aka CK Toff – “Baarud” 

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