All Together – Blazin Annex (BangGully, Ah Murda, I-Sick, Dee Corter)


The guys at Blazin Annex are at it again. This year alone, artists from this crew released an album, and numerous exclusive singles. Now, they are ending the year with a bang with all of the members on one track. The song, therefore, is accurately named “All Together”.

Listen to ‘All Together’ – Blazin Annex

The Bengali crew from New York – Blazin Annex – has been working hard on their music career for about a decade now. They started off in the rap game early on, and they released 2 studio albums in Bangladesh. Their third studio album, titled ‘Poison‘, was exclusively released by Over the years, I’ve seen this crew give their blood, sweat, and tears into their art work. I’ve really seen and experienced them grow from their humble beginnings to what they are now. Their sound quality has improved because they invested heavily on their own studio, their flows got sicker, their rhymes got tighter, and above all, their team work together allows them to do everything they need to do in the music industry.

BangGully, Ah Murda, I-Sick, Dee Corter

AllTogether - BAID