Throwback Freestyle of the Week: EMINEM


We decided we will have a weekly segment of a dope freestyle video. It can be Freestyles by famous rappers, or underground emcees, or anyone in between. As long as the Freestyle kicks major butt, we will publish it. So here it goes for the first segment of this section of Freestyle of the Week on

This week we started with one of the dopest emcees in the game – Eminem. We all know why Eminem’s the best, but if you have a shadow of doubt, check out the two Em Freestyle videos below. The first one was shot when he visited Tim Westwood in their London Studios, and the second one was Eminem loooong before he became famous.

Eminem – @ Westwood 


Eminem – Loooong before he became famous – @ Detroit

This video is really interesting since this is a very young Eminem. Watch as he rap battles with emcees and destroys  each and every one of them!