THHM – The Chopper Cypher Vol. 1 | Mack x Brotha Hood x Kidshot

You know it for a fact that if there are choppers they will get out attention and these 3 rappers have done a fairly good job in doing so. Their have been earlier attempts in chopping it up but this is one of the better takes at the highly skilled art.

‘Chopping‘ or ‘Double-Timing‘ has been prevalent in hiphop since its formative years and one of the earliest groups to be doing so was, ‘Bone Thugs N Harmony‘. Mid-west is considered home to this style and current titans include rappers such as Tech N9ne and Twista, who are able to deliver lyrics at mind-boggling speeds. By no means this should be considered as drawing a comparison between such legends and our artists in focus.

This is for the first time I heard Mack and Kidshot and they did not fail to make an impression. There are a few glitches related to flow, clarity and delivery but their passion towards the art helps you in ignoring that and also your favorite rapper must have stammered or stuttered while trying to rap at the start of his journeys. I have heard Brotha Hood before but I never heard him chop it up before and just like his peers he has done fairly well. The cypher is accompanied alongside a nice video too. Brotha Hood has already told us about his album which is going to be dropping in June and we will be doing a detailed review on the same.