These illustrations of Rappers are Extraordinary – Rajwansh Art

Rajwansh Art aka Aman Deep Singh is a Graphic Designer from Punjab. He’s made these amazing Illustrations of Rappers that have started to go viral. His album has been shared by hundreds of people and everybody is loving it.

Check out these extraordinary illustrations below of some of your favourite artists.

1- Drake – Desi Kalakaar

Desi Kalakaar

2- Snoop Dogg – Baba Snoop Lal

Baba Snoop Lal

3- Chris Brown – Chris Dev Brown

Chris Dev Brown

4- Eminem – Eminem Bhai

Eminem Bhai

5- Drake – Baba Drakeshwar

Baba Drakeshwar

6- Justin Bieber – Justin Nath Bieber

Justin Nath Bieber

7- Ludacris – Ludacrisman


8- Pitbull – Pitbullinder Ji

Pitbullinder ji

9- Rick Ross – Rick Ross Gula

Rick Ross Gula

10- Usher – Usher Singh

Usher Singh