The Truth

The Truth, a UK born Asian Rapper, first got into the scene at the age of 13-14 through idolising the underground urban market and artists alike. From hosting college Radio shows, to setting local pirate stations alight with freestyles and battles, The Truth slowly built a reputation that put him on stages alongside artists such as Donaeo and Lady Sovereign who were only just beginning their musical journey as well.

Seeing the success of the same artists that he had shared the stage with, The Truth set off on an entrepreneurial musical path that would lead to heights that he would not have imagined himself. After leaving aside the radio stations and rave scene, The Truth became part of a four man MC group that served to further his thirst for stardom even more by taking his music to the next level. From recording in a computer room to lacing his imperious vocals in a fully equipped studio in the heart of London, The Truth saw progression that could be built upon, however only with the sacrifice of leaving the group and becoming a solo artist alongside the producer of the group Bobby Wonda.

It was at this point, after having taken a break from music and earning a fully certified Law Degree, that The Truth had the creative freedom to search deep within his own soul and create the music that he had always envisaged to break barriers and propel himself to greatness. The music had now become formulated yet liberated; it was now commercialised yet bespoke; all signs of the evolution that had changed a rave MC into an artist with a brand, a story to tell, and the material to push all elements combined as, The Truth.