The Slyck Experience at Hum Hip Hop Project

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This was my 2nd visit to the Bangalore and if I had learned anything from my first visit, it was that I should travel only at night and not in the morning. It took me a mere 6.5 hour bus ride which is insignificant compared to the 13 hour torture I had last time.

I reached the hotel in the morning at 7:00 and was greeted by a semi woken up Prabh Deep. We chilled for a bit and then Smokey joined us and took us out for some smash mouth South Indian brunch after which we were on our way to the venue. We were yet again warmly received and started on with the food and beverages itself and this time we had the Bacon-Chocolate Jack Daniels tart with ice-cream. As per Indian traditions we started our sound check at Hum Hip Hop on a sweet note and was the least bit disappointing. I have said this before and I will say it again that Humming Tree has one of the best sounds in India.

This time around I was very intrigued to see how receptive will Bangalore to be Punjabi rap. Prabh Deep has been dominating the scene in New Delhi and spreading some serious music, I was nervously excited to be honest how Bangalore was gonna react to his music. We were joined by Dj-Joy and T-Jorus who were passionate old school hip-hop heads just like us. A healthy discussion on how hip-hop was and how it is now with the whole group over rounds of beer was the perfect point to kick the show off. Me and Prabh divided out sets into 2 halves and were aided by Dj-Joy and T-Jorus in between for half an hour. The first half had a slow start but picked up once the crowd started joining in. I have played several gigs with Prabh Deep over which we have established superb coordination on stage. My personal favorite moment of the night was playing, “Forever Greatful” which features Prabh Deep and will be releasing soon on itself. Prabh Deep also revealed a few unreleased tracks and captured the crowd with ,’Oye Oye’. Smokey also joined the party and played a few of his tracks and busted out acapellas during the performance.

It was absolutely breathtaking to see the way North Indian flavored hip-hop was received in South India. Every time I perform in Bangalore, I always leave behind some part of me.

Have a look at Slyck TwoshadeZ performing “Time and Ages

Have a look at Prabh Deep ripping the stage apart