The Monster Remix – Echenkay


the monster remix echenkay

Humza Khizar stage name Echenkay. He is from Karachi Pakistan Besides rapping he is becoming a doctor. Echenkay Started taking interest in rap music around the age of 14 when he first listened to Eminem. The reason behind remix of Eminem’s song, “The Monster”. One of his track “National Bachoda” which was an urdu track faced criticism besides Faris Shafi’s song Muskura.

What Echenkay has to say about his new Single Track ‘The Monster’ 

Rap is the only way I can express myself to the fullest and well that’s what I want to do. Why I made a remix of Eminem’s track “The Monster” is that I had a different angle of issues that I had to get of my chest and the vibe I needed to do that with, I found it in this particular melody the song has. So I decided to make remix of it.

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