The Game & Snoop Dogg Lead a Peaceful Rally to End Hate Crimes

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The Game & Snoop Dogg – Blacklivesmatter

Art has the power to bring change, appreciate the good and call out hate crimes. So when Snoop Dogg and The Game got behind leading a peacefully rally called HUNT that stands for Hate Us Not Today, as artists who influence millions of people across the world, they were using their power for a cause that is the need of the hour.

This comes as a reaction to two black men being shot and killed by police officers this week, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. In response to this incident, five police officers were shot and killed at a rally commemorating those two black men’s lives in Dallas, Texas.

To address this never ending chain of killings and life destruction, the two legends Snoop Dogg and The Game led a rally with a group of men to the LAPD office to open a dialogue with the new recruits, the graduating class of 2016. Snoop Dogg in an Instagram video reiterated the importance of opening the channel of communication with the new recruits before they hit the streets so that there is an understanding of the lives of black men who are just like everyone else, so that the officers follow protocol and do their job right.

The Game posted an Instagram message urging men of all colour to get behind the rally and march with him and Snoop Dogg, to leave the women and children at home as this was for their protection. He also made sure he reinforced the necessity to leave weapons and illegal substances out of the rally because this was a gathering to bring unity and get rid of fear in people’s minds and their lives.

But the news outlets reported Diamond was released yesterday shortly after the incident… Come to find out she was at the Falcon Heights precinct the entire night detained & seperated from her daughter without food to prevent her from talking & telling her story immediately after her boyfriend was shot in cold blood in front of her & her child !!!!!! They don’t have a problem killing us in front of our women & children….. Back in the day they wore masks to cover their faces so they wouldn’t be identified & could walk around hiding their hands during the day after hanging us from trees…. Now, they’re so bold they’re in uniform killing us with their name on their chests !!!! The government & it’s forces & every branch of it from the army to the police officers are set up to kill us & keep us poverty stricken until we are erased from this earth !!!! TODAY IS A DAY of ACTION & history has showed us that nothing will change unless there is bloodshed !!! & we’ve shed ENOUGH !!! WAKE THE FUCK UP MY PEOPLE, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO SLEEP ANY LONGER !!!! WE HAVE BEEN LOSING THIS FIGHT SINCE IT STARTED, YET WE ARE THE MOST FEARED…… THE COWARDS WONT STAND WITH US….. THE MEN WITH HEART WILL….. LEAVE OUR WOMEN & CHILDREN AT HOME & COME OUTSIDE WITH ME !!!! IM NOT LEADING YOU INTO A TRAP, IM NOT TELLING YOU TO KILL A COP OR BURN DOWN A PRECINCT.. IM ASKING YOU TO STAND WITH ME SIDE BY SIDE AS BROTHERS & LET THE WORLD SEE US UNIFIED FOR ONCE & WHEREVER IT GOES FROM THERE.. IT GOES !!! I AM NOT SCARED.. ARE YOU ??? THESE ARE OUR STREETS…… & WE ARE HUNTED DOWN & MURDERED IN THEM BY OURSELVES & THEM……. TODAY IS THE DAY !!! IF NOT TOMORROW ANOTHER ONE OF US WILL BE A #HASHTAG

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