The Fusion Track – MaaHaa ft. KING ND & Ankan Mondal


When it’s all cooked up and you try exploring for more, you come up with an idea like The Fusion Track. These guys say it was just an experiment where they wanted to try something new adding some rap and some Hindustani classical music. Well it turns out to be a track which portrays energy in all forms. The music by Shashank was laid on the foundation of The Kafi Raag a midnight Hindustani Raag which represents energy and happiness. Well if you want to know more about this track, go ahead get to the link.

Watch THE FUSION TRACK Music Video:


Mahadeva Sastry a.k.a MaaHaa has been spitting rhymes since 2011. What started off as a high school hobby, took shape and finally got him a contract with a media production unit “iDreammedia Inc”. He is currently doing his engineering in Chennai and has been perfoming in college fests throughout South India. He has also performed in clubs and knows how to keep his music real and unique. Also having played basketball at the national level, he knows what it takes to be motivated and this has influenced his lyrics and his way of writing. So if you’re up for some good music, be on the lookout for MaaHaa!


Known as Chennai’s Desi Rapper, KING ND is a rapper and a lyricist from a Punjabi background. Nitish Dogra a.k.a KING ND was born and raised in Chennai city. He had a passion for writing poetry from his school days. He slowly developed his love for rap music and thus started his career by taking out home recorded tracks in English. When he entered college he started to deliver hardcore underground Desi rap, a style which is not very popular in the south of India. He has performed around his city and also traveled to Bangalore representing . He mixes Hindi with a little punjabi and calls it Hinjabi. KING ND takes care of his family business but also takes out time for his passion. His vision is to put Chennai Hip-Hop on the maps of the Hip-Hop scene. Representing Desi Hip Hop in the south, KING ND is underground and proud.

Ankan Mondal:

Having imbibed with the roots of Hindustani classical music for over 7 years Ankan is humbled by the fact that music needs more than a lifetime to be learnt and thus is hungry for more knowledge. He hasn’t taken part in national competitions or any music shows despite opportunities as he thinks he needs to grind more till he can get there. He also learnt to play the Guitar which helped him get a hold on to some western music fundamentals. He thinks there is a link between the two and wants to explore both forms of music with an open mind. He is pursuing an engineering degree in SRM University. He is also the lead singer of the college’s eastern band and loves experimenting with music.

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