The Catch Up: Heems, Kanye, and more


Welcome back to the The Catch Up, an mini-update/communique from America, on the latest happenings. This past week saw Kanye (somewhat) politely making a request ahead of SWISH, news on Heems’ new television deal, and a resurgent Charles Hamilton comes back to the hip-hop fold.

Heems’ Eat, Pray, Thug TV project:

Coming out of the periphery and into the light, Queens, NY (and Punjabi-Indian) rapper/activist Heems, formerly of Das Racist fame, has silently conquered his 2015. He released an acclaimed indie project, Eat, Pray, Thug – for which he’s secured a TV project, based on growing up South Asian/Desi in America. Born Himanshu Kumar Suri, the MC plans on using the platform to discuss themes of identity, family, and success.

His interview here. Track from Eat, Pray, Thug below.


Kanye’s Big Request:

Kanye’s apparently in the zone, and would like for you to decline any requests of his time, prior to the upcoming release of his next album, currently called SWISH. For real.

Charles In Charge:

The oft-challenged (in all sorts of sad ways) Charles Hamilton is back with his first EP in some time. Calling it Black Box, it’s only four tracks – but it’s something, all this considered. Hopefully, the talented Harlem MC can stop catching hands, and just make music from here on out.