What Happens when The Burka Avenger meets Adil Omar?



If you haven’t heard of the Burka Avenger, you don’t spend nearly enough time on the internet like I do! The new Pakistani super hero, who is also an empowered woman, took the world by storm lastweek. A regular teacher in her ‘normal’ life, the Burka Avenger converts to a hijabi within a moment’s notice to save children from the forces of evil. Simple concept, yet world changing! Check out this exclusive piece on the Burka Avenger to get a better idea.

The Burka Avenger Exclusive Behind the Scenes

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In a world where Disney princesses show case submissive female characters, the Burka Avenger aims to change that trend and introduce a Muslim super-heroin who gets empowered by her Burka. And the viewers in Pakistan 1welcomed this change heavily. Haroon Rashid, the producer of the animated cartoon, mentioned, “Each one of our episodes is centered around a moral, which sends out strong social messages to kids.” The famous Pakistani Pop Star, Rashid, went on to say “[The show] is cloaked in pure entertainment, laughter, action and adventure.”

Adil Omar X Haroon Rashid X The Burka Avenger

Adil Omar, one of the dopest Pakistani rappers, collaborated with Haroon Rashid to write a song about the Burka Avenger titled “Lady in Black”. The song is upbeat and entertaining, one for all your ipods, iphones, itunes, whatever. As Adil Omar expresses his views about the character, he raps, “To the enemies of peace, love, logic and reason. Yeah – hit ’em with a logical reason. Kill extremism, corruption and just stop it from breathing. The way it was, she’ll be taking it back. So tune in for the story of the lady in black.”

[youtube id=”OamDtwJrgqA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Each of the 13 episodes completed so far contains songs written and performed by Haroon Rashid and other major Pakistani rock stars, such as Burka_Avenger-Hi-RezAli Azmat and Ali Zafar. Rashid is also working on an album that will broadcast alongside the show. He has also created a Burka Avenger iPhone game and a fully interactive website that will accompany the show’s launch.

In a world where peace, freedom, and justice is best won by the intellectual mind, Haroon Rashid’s Burka Avenger definitely sets the trend to make an impact one episode at a time.


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