TERMINATOR – Sherry Kaim ft. Badshah




Sherry Kaim releases “Terminator” featuring Badshah.  We’ve been hearing a lot of Badshah lately, a former member of the well known group Mafia Mundeer.  Little is known about what happened to the group except what Manj of RDB disclosed in this interview.

As a part of Mafia Mundeer, Badshah made his official appearance in the song “Get Up Jawani” of the million dollar album International Villager  by Honey Singh.

[youtube id=”spAEM_SkswY” width=”600″ height=”350″]


After the falling out, we didn’t hear much of Badshah, but the boy is back! He recently released a song with Girik AmanTake Your Sandals Off” 2 months ago and it hit the top charts in the industry. And now Badshah has launched a new song with Sherry Kaim “Terminator“. I personally think if Badshah kept on releasing songs like these he will soon beat many records set by different artists in the industry. Everyone like Badshah not just because of Honey Singh, People like him because he is good at rapping. If you don’t believe me listen to Get Up Jawani song from the album International Villager and see how good he is at rapping and throwing words out of his mouth. Badshah used to write lyrics for Honey Singh, Badshah wrote most of the songs Honey Singh ever performed or released. Bohemia is on a tour to India these days in one of his shows at Ghaziabad he pointed out about how these Indian Rappers are ruining this industry, He said a lot about this. Was he pointing his finger at Honey Singh ? 

What do you guys think about it ? What happened to the Mafia Mundeer Group ?