‘Tenu Whem Aa’ Puneet Kohli x Marshall The Third

These rappers from Delhi are slowly taking over the scene and without wasting anytime. Over here we have Puneet Kohli and Marshall The Third with the next video, Tenu Whem Aa.

The message is simple and clear and are telling these self-claimed Nawabs to put more time into making music and not boasting and bragging about their fictitious following. The track has a new school trap vibe and compliments what these New Delhi dudes are trying to say. One thing to be learned over here is that these boys are not compromising on the quality of the track or the video. There is a lot of good music prevalent on the Internet coming out of India but they loose out due to negligence towards the quality of the audio or the video and in the process they go unnoticed.

tenu whem aa puneet kohli marshall the third

This clan is putting in some heavy work and their efforts are being recognized by artists such as Raftaar, who just bounced on the remix of ‘Chill‘ and also shot a video for the same. There are several videos and photos of the crew having a great time on the set and Raftaar also went ahead to mention on social media that #UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall. The video will feature a lot of young New Delhi acts and I am waiting for it.