TaZzZ ‘Turnt Up’ the BBC Asian Network with an Exceptional Live Performance


Tazzz is a versatile artist who’s been grinding hard from UK to Pakistan since day 1. His song – Ayaan – got an amazing response from fans worldwide, and became something to be proud of for Pakistanis in Pakistan and abroad. He knew he would have to keep up the grind, and follow that up with something special.

Recently, Tazzz was featured on an exclusive live performance at a BBC Asian Network Live concert in the UK. He was featured alongside Steel Banglez and Raphaella. It always makes me feel good to see the British Asian community represent themselves so well in the media in UK – and these artists did just that. The music was exceptional, and Raphaella’s vocals were enchanting. Of course, Tazzz followed that up with a stimulating performance as he rapped on the bassy, dub-step-inspired beats by Steel Banglez. Check out the video below, and share your thoughts on this performance.


Watch Steel Banglez and Raphaella feat. TaZzZ: Strong