TaZzZ To Release ‘Radha’


TaZzZ brings together a star line-up as well as Bollywood and Hip-Hop for his new track “Radha.”

“Radha” has been produced By TaZzZ and samples the song “Radha Kaise Na Jale” from the Bollywood film Lagaan. The Hip-Hop flavor and verses are laid down by Kan D Man, Raver (PMG), Raxstar, RKZ, Menis, and TaZzZ himself.

The song is based on the concept of Radha’s jealousy of Krishna’s cowgirls, the rappers share their stories regarding the jealousy of their women. The song opens with the line, “You know what, you know when you’re an artist in this music industry yea, girls star acting up, so let me tell it…”

“The interesting switch of positive-to-negative view points within the lyricism, along with the clever sampling, switch this traditional Bollywood record into a loud, in-your-face Dubstep, Hip-Hop one,” TaZzZ says when he scribes “Radha.”

“Radha” is off of TaZzZ’s upcoming mixtape TaZzZ-Mania. Take a listen.