TaZzZ – Teardrops (Unplugged) ft Rita Morar & Raxstar

TaZzZ just released his latest EP – Teardrops – which is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and numerous other digital stores! With the release, he decided to release an ‘unplugged’ version of the song .

The song is dope, we all knew that. But, this unplugged version has an added sense of musical genius to it that only TaZzZ is capable of. Rita Morars vocals over the piano keys are something special to listen to. TaZzZ and Raxstar sound like they are reciting some skillful poetry on this one. And, really, that’s the essence of Hip Hop – the poetry. I admire how these artists brought that out in this song and made it enjoyable for everyone watching & listening.

Teardrops (Unplugged) is timeless music in its purest form which is soothing to the soul, a musical symphony amid live strings & chords that pierces through the core of ones heart. Accompanied by an epic video, exceptionally executed to match the emotions in a classical yet innovative way portraying a story of heartbreak and love that is lost.

Check it out, and share your thoughts on this one!

Watch TaZzZ ft Rita Morar & Raxstar – Teardrops (Unplugged)