SunnyBoy’s “Skinny Jeans” will Pump Up The Crowds!


We recently announced and introduced SunnyBoy – the artist who Haji Springer produced for recently. We also announced the release of his single “Skinny Jeans, and today, it’s finally out! This video is sure to make some heads turn, specially because the song will have you hopping off your feet.

SunnyBoy has such a unique voice, he’s almost like the perfect progression of Imran Khan if IK was a rapper and a singer. SunnyBoy showcased his talents as a singer in Skinny Jeans, and proved his rapping skills as well. With these two skills amalgamated perfectly together, it makes SunnyBoy an exceptional artist. You’ll know exactly what I’m yappin’ about once you click play below.

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Haji Springer’s Production

The super producer, Haji Springer, is currently finalizing the release of his album – Survivor – which is about to release in December. Which made the Desi Hip Hop staff here giddy to listen to more new music by Haji. He’s been producing a lot of artists this year, including Bohemia and AO. His production skills on Skinny Jeans showcases the man’s skills in the studio. The beat is banging, the behind-the-scenes production and sound engineering is beyond dope. This man’s out to rule the music industry, and Skinny Jeans proves it. This song was written by Haji Springer and Rocwalla and deserves the attention that it demands.