Sunny Malton Disses SuperWoman, Humble, Jus Reign, Fateh Doe?


Unbiased. That’s the first word of this article, because we are mere viewers in this current situation brewing between Sunny Malton, Byg Byrd, the Brown Boys crew, and Jus Reign, Humble, SuperWoman, & Fateh Doe.

Dope. That’s the word I would use to describe the track, strictly based on the quality of Hip Hop spewing out of my speakers right now.

Sunny Malton goes hard on J Cole’s Fire Squad beat. What starts off as a regular diss track, turns into numerous stories tangled into a complete track. Although, I have no idea about the personal problems faced between these artists, all I can really understand is that Sunny Malton’s fired up and inspired to make himself heard. If Hip Hop is not the medium to allow Sunny to express and de-stress, then what is?

Watch Sunny Malton – Jus Remain Humble Doe – Brown Boys 

No matter what the real stories are behind this track, it’s surely gaining a lot of attention with comments and tweets from all sides.