Stop Saying There Is No Old School Hip Hop In India – B3


Here we have B3, whose latest release is taking shots at people who have misconceptions about the Underground scene. He is a young talent with big dreams and is taking dynamic steps to fulfil them. His previous releases have also made a buzz and it seems he will continue to do so.

b3 exclusive interview taking shots - old school
B3 (Abhinav Bhanot)

Desi Hip Hop caught up with B3 to chat more –

Q1. The new track is sick and has a message, no need to take names who you might be taking shots at but what are you trying to convey ?

A1 . Many rappers say that there is no Hip Hop in India, I disagree to all of them. I am just trying to convey that stop judging and giving your opinion without knowing the real side and facts about what is going on. STRAIGHT UP.

Q2. You are getting better with every release, what is the secret behind it ?

A2. Actually there is no secret, hard work and passion towards hip hop is the key. I believe the amount of time I spend in fixing my skills is also a reason. Plus my family & god’s blessings.

b3 exclusive interview taking shots - old school

Q3. What was the motive behind this track ?

A3. “Stop saying there is no Old School Hip Hop in India”.

Q4. How are your future releases looking like ?

A4. Revolutionary and something which nobody has done yet in Indian underground scene.

Q5. Has your support increased in the past few weeks ?

A5. Yes (expectedly)

Q6. Message for fans and followers ?

A6. Really appreciate the way my brothers respecting and supporting my work. Recognize the real ones & don’t follow bullshit. Keep supporting your boy & I will keep on serving you the finest.