TaZzZ takes a Stand for Gaza

“It’s clear to understand this.
We don’t need to speak the same language.
There’s an onslaught massacre,
and yet the media shows nothing about it. – TaZzZ


As the world mourns the genocide of almost a thousand civilians in Gaza, it breaks my heart to see so many numerous bodies lying in the dirt every time I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. Of course, I don’t get those same images while I channel-surf through the numerous news channels on TV. With the one-sided media on queue, it’s up to the regular folks to spread the truth.

As politicians, “leaders”, and media outlets continue to lose their mind and ignore the truth, I’m glad there are artists like TaZzZ who took it upon himself to spread awareness about the atrocities taking place in Gaza as we speak. The lyrics in the song are very eye-opening, and spreads a message of unity that the world needs more of.

TaZzZ says, “I’m Muslim, She’s Hindu, He’s Sikh, She’s Christian. Tell me how we are different?” which, in an ideal world, would solve so many of the problems we face in our current world. Yet, the wars continue and innocent children are refused the right to grow up and live independent lives.

TaZzZ felt that it was important to note that “it’s not about me, it’s about the message. Everyone should share it as much as they can n try & raise more awareness.”

I can carry on ranting on this topic but nothing will change. For now, all we can really do is raise awareness and at least try to open the eyes of people around the world. Because, clearly, politicians aren’t listening and are way too busy not taking a stand. It’s time for us to learn from TaZzZ’s example and take a stand!

TaZzZ – I Stand