Specialist “N” Tru Skool ft Kulvinder Johal – Saibaa Dha Khath

Specialist “N” Tru Skool ft Kulvinder Johal – Saibaa Dha Khath

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Specialist N Tru Skool ft Kulvinder Johal - Saibaa Dha Khath

2004 saw the release of the cult classic album ‘Word Is Born’ by the extremely talented production duo ‘The Specialist & Tru-Skool’. Almost a decade has elapsed since this iconic and trendsetting album exploded onto the scene spawning dance floor classics such as ‘Sahnevaal Chounk’ & ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’. With ‘Word Is Born’, ‘The Specialist and Tru-Skool’ introduced a pure, undiluted and uncompromising sound to the UK Bhangra Industry. ‘Word Is Born’ definitely influenced the direction, and indeed sound, of the industry both in the UK and Panjab which is clearly evident from the sound prevalent in many tracks.

‘Word Is Born’ featured the vocals of notable singers such as ‘Labh Janjua’, ‘Kaka Bhainiawala’, ‘Ranjit Mani’ and a brand new singer who was unknown at the time – ‘Kulvinder Singh Johal’. Track two from the album, namely ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’, introduced the unmistakeable voice of the powerhouse ‘Kulvinder Singh Johal’ with his powerful, high-pitched vocal on the rendition of the Master Kuldeep Manaks classic track. This track cemented itself on dance floors across the UK and abroad launching ‘Kulvinder Singh Johal’ as a breathtaking Panjabi vocalist based within the UK.

Although ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’ had a video, it is no secret that the visual was not exactly aesthetically pleasing. As music producers, ‘The Specialist and Tru-Skool’ dedicated all of their efforts and energy into ensuring that the music was impeccable therefore no real attention was directed towards ensuring the visual matched the quality of the track. In a world where imagery and visual representation is paramount, the video for ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’ left a lot to be desired. DJ Vips of VIP Records felt that this track required a visual that matched the high standard of the track itself and therefore took it upon himself to commission the brand new video for ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’ which has been shot in Panjab.

Nearly ten years have elapsed since the release of ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’ and the track is still a regular fixture at all manner of events whether destroying dance floors at weddings or causing chaos within clubs across the world. For the first time, you will get to view the hit track ‘Saibaa Dha Khath (Chithian)’ produced by ‘Tru-Skool’ as initially intended.

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