Sound Shikari – Addiction (feat. San Cha & The PropheC)


Sound Shikari, A well known producer in the Desi Underground scene is here with his brand new release, Addiction. Sound Shikari sampled The PropheC’s popular track ‘Addiction’ which was originally released with his album ‘Futureproof‘. This new version by Sound Shikari features another artist Sankalp Chaturvedi aka San Cha on the vocals. San Cha is a Delhi based rapper and songwriter who is well reputed for his dark sided songs. Lyrics of the new version were penned down by San Cha and the other lyrics were from the original track. This track is a story of a heartbreak and the after effects of the sorrows that a person face in his/her life. Project was recorded by San Cha and the Mixing-Mastering process was done at The Sound Laboratory.

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