Souls of Sinisters

We are the epitome of Rap Scene in India. It seems like everyone and their cousin is making music these days but to be truly great, you have to do something different. Our sound is original and can’t be duplicated because nobody has the creativity or intellect to make what we make. We talk about substantial subjects who really affect our life, country and this world. We are not celebs, matter of fact we are just kids next door. Trying to raise our voices and what’s better than rap in today’s world to reach out to everyone in this world and this is why we are different from all those rappers out there who are polluting this deep form of art. Join and support us. Support Genuine Rap/Hip Hop Artists!

With 10,000+ Plays and downloads till yet. SOS is surely one of the best Hip-Hop crew from this nation. Our New mixtape ‘The Last Resort’ is also coming out in November 2010. So don’t forget to check it out and if everyone suggests this page to only ONE person, You’d be more then doing your part. Help Change Minds :)