Solomon Child from WU Tang Signs to YourDamSelf

Solomon Child from WU Tang Signs to Living in Sin’s label YourDamSelf Worldwide

2013 is looking very interesting already, Desihiphop can bring you the exclusive big signing that has taken place in Hip Hop Music. Wu Tang artist Solomon child, who has appeared on classic albums like Rza’s Bombay Digital and Ghostface killer’s “Supreme Clintelle,” has officially signed to YourDamSelf Worldwide. Sin is executive producing the new Wu album and has already began work on a March release. For those who don’t know, Sin’s label YourDamSelf Worldwide was founded in 1996 and homed more then 50 of London’s most unique talent.

Solomon Child 2013 Intro Video – YourDamSelf Worldwide / Wu-Tang Album coming soon – Bombay Hott Radio – Live 24/7 Its going down…

Sin has also placed production from two other Desi producers on the album, RJ and Skeef which is really exciting to see too.

London will be seeing Solomon child on tour for S&J Promotions in March or april and Desi Hip Hop have a massive competition for India when Solomon visits there around the same time.

With Executive decisions like this taking place, I’m looking forward to see the future of Music from the legendary street label “YourDamSelf Worldwide”