Snow White – Addy Nagar & Khatri


Here we have Snow White by Addy Nagar and Khatri. This is a bizarre benchmark for the comparison of the looks of a car but none the less the track is decent enough to make a mark in the segment being ruled by artists such as Imran Khan.

This new school sound wave is now getting the underground to experiment with their sound. This is the first time I heard Addy Nagar and there is no doubt in my mind that he is highly influenced or highly inspired by the mainstream sound and aspires to drop similar content. A unique but partly nasal auto tuned hook has an earthwork kinda appeal, which is catchy to say the least. The message of the track is clear enough and has women, cars and a lot of SWAG. Khatri drops a verse in the track too and just like Addy, I came across him for the first time. He did a fairly decent job and would want to see him try his hand at some other styles as well.

The video is flashy and seems to be involving a lot of investment. Addy is shown cruising around with women and everyone going crazy for him. The video although being flashy did leave me a little confused as I was not sure if it was depicting a story or not, however quality of the video is top notch and might keep you distracted enough to not even notice the story. Mix Singh justified the audio and his production like always is spot on.

This track is an over all good attempt at sounding mainstream but might not be as effective as though to be in making a mark in the industry. Another thought which made me wonder a little was how was it able to cross 2 Lakh views without even a single person sharing it on social media or without being shared on social media platforms of which I am a part of.