Smokey speaks his mind naked about Radio City Freedom Awards

Every year Radio city freedom awards is organized by Radio city to recognize some of the best Independent musicians from all over the country. Enkore, Divine and MWA have won awards at previous editions. As every year this year also they released their nominations but it had an interesting entry as Brodha V got nominated for the “Indian Rap cypher‘. Hmmm it is interesting to see that a single artist could get nominated for a cypher. There is definitely some disconnect here.

Indian Rap cypher was released on Jun 25, 2014 and features Brodha V, Smokey TheGhost, BigDeal, Charles Dickenson and was a trend setter and initiated a series of cyphers being recorded and shot all over the country.

radio city brodha v cypher smokey

Smokey made it very clear that this is a fault at Radio city’s end. He shared the following message :

What awards doesn’t credit the other artists that are involved in a song? Even the picture they uploaded has the other rappers in it.
No diss on Brodha V and no one gives a shit about winning an award but the Indian Rap Cypher was never a single handed effort. Why call yourself a freedom award when you don’t even credit the rest? and when you write to them pointing it out, they choose to ignore.
This is the state of a FREEDOM award. ‪#‎Claps‬
For those who think i’m being sour, I won the same award as part of Machas With Attitude (MWA) years ago. But there are so many other artists in the Cypher that deserve due credits. BRODHA V ALONE ON A TRACK WITHOUT THE OTHERS IS NOT EVEN A CYPHER!!
I got mad love for V but this is about Radio city freedom awards calling themself an “Award”. These awards are the reason why there is disharmony between artists. | Radio City Freedom | ‪#‎IndianRAPcypher‬ ‪#‎Fake‬
PS: Just off the phone with V, he says he added all the names but the awards chose it to be that way. Woah!! Bravo!

Just a few hours later, smokey shared the following photo which did clear some of the air but it is not clear enough if the nominations will be changed. It seems unfair to the other artists involved in the cypher. doesn’t it ?

smokey response from radio city