Smokey The Ghost’s Latest Video is “Trippy”, Here’s Why…

Smokey The Ghost from MWA just released a new music video to his song “When I’m Gone”, and it’s one hell of a trip! The creative artist made a music video that is full of mind blowing trickery and a story line that will confuse your brain more than the movie, ‘Inception‘!

Watch Smokey the Ghost’s “When I’m Gone”

The video is really creative and has all the signs of Smokey’s creativity all over it. He expressed the story in a beautiful way, and took his audience on a ride. I really liked how it was shot like a short film. In fact, the whole piece is so creepy and trippy that it almost reminds me of the movie ‘Shindler’s List‘ – it’s even shot Black & White!

Apart from the entire creepy nature of the music video, it really stands out from everything else. It’s done right, it’s done well, and it will surely catch your attention!