SMASH Nasty feat. MC Atticuz – Patiently Waiting


smash nasty mc atticuz patiently waiting

SMASH Nasty is back with another tight hip hop collab with MC Atticuz . PATIENTLY WAITING is a track that aims to inspire anyone who is different, anyone who wants to do something that most people think of, and anyone who has been true to their dream. The two happened to meet randomly at a party and realized they are connected by the frequency of music. Don’t hate and collaborate is the good vibe motto, and that’s exactly what they did.
SMASH Nasty is an innovative and versatile producer, musically gifted and committed. Atticuz is the MCs name and he is At-it-cuz he wants to improve the game. When their powers combine you get some nasty, real and pumping grind. Stay tuned because they have a lot more coming.

SMASH Nasty:
MC Atticuz: