Slyck – Top of the World (Prod. Daksh)


Slyck – Top of the World (Prod. Daksh)

Slyck – Top of the World (Prod. Daksh)


2-Shadez aka Slyck was born in USA West Virginia and brought up in India. He’s been rapping since 2006 Slyck is a HipHop artist. His fans and other people also call him India’s fastest rapper. Slyck has also worked with Pardhaan a Haryanvi rapper from the group Desi Beam. The name of the song with Pardhaan was “Tuney Kyun” in which 2-Shadez was a Featuring artist rapping in english. Top of the world song is a good song and he rapped really fast in it. Rhymes, Music, Video all is good. Take a look at his video and listen to the song.

[youtube id=”OFqXnhzbHEA” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Track: Top of the world
Production: Daksh
Artist: (2-ShadeZ)
Mixtape: Dispensing a SounD
Video : Imagica Productions

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