Skibkhan – Tor E Maya


Skibkhan, one of Bangladesh’s most well known rappers and hip hop musicians,

has been in the Bangladesh music scene for quite a few years now. After numerous hit singles in the genre of Hip Hop/Rap, he also bridged the gaps with

other genres with pop-fusion, folk-fusion and various other experimental tracks.

And now, his single – Tor E Maya – is another carefully crafted fusion track. Parvez, the featured folk singer in the single, teamed up with Skibkhan to bring us this exclusive track which has been blowing up radio stations all over
Give it a listen and let us know what you think.Bangladesh!


[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Tor e Maya – Skibkhan ft Parvez” artist=”Skibkhan” volume=0.8 urls=”″]