Skibkhan – Keno Ei Poth Nile

Skibkhan is one of the most well known rappers in Bangladesh, and has been pushing for his dreams for a good portion of the past decade. As a former member of the Deshi MCs crew out of Dhaka, he made quitean impact in the Hip Hop scene in Bangladesh. The crew came out with the first ‘gangsta rap’ album back in 2007, titled “Banned”. This album spread like wildfire, leading up to numerous collaborations, concerts, TV/Radio appearances, and got a great response from the young listeners of Hip Hop. Skibkhan went on to work with a variety of top producers, as well as came out with a second Deshi MCs album with his crew.


During that time, he recorded an anti-drug song for a mixed hip hop album produced by DJ Raf, and Jasper, titled “Kata Taarer Bera”. The song was titled “Keno Ei Poth Nile” which translates to “Why would you take this path?”, and was used by the nation’s anti-drug lobbyists to gain awareness among teenagers. It’s a song about the various issues teenagers face when they choose to experiment with certain kinds of drugs. The heart felt lyrics have touched people all over the country and really does make you stop and think about it. It also gained immense popularity through radio channels in the country. And, last year, the video for the song was released. The video, just like the song, is epic. It showcases the troubles faced by today’s youth, and really has a strong message. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

Keno Ei Poth Nile – Skibkhan

[youtube id=”pAo_dCJCtrw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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