I-Sick & Ah Murda’s ‘Viral Infection’!


Listen to Ah Murda & I-Sick’s “Viral Infection”

I-Sick & Ah Murda‘s been releasing music constantly all year long. And now, they’ve got another release for Hip Hop fans around the world. This one’s a ‘Viral Infection’, and the flow’s so sick that it has to go viral among Hip Hop faithfuls.

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I-Sick’s verse starts off the song with his rough vocals, and intense rhymes. His lyrical skills won me over almost instantly and had me vibing to the beat. He’s followed by Ah Murda whose flow and verbal assault took the song to a new level, and it was basically game over after that. Click play above, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And by the way, if you haven’t copped their album –Poison – yet, you’re missing out!